How usual week plan made it in the Top of AppStore

Hi. My name is Dmitrii. I am a lawyer at an international law firm. But this isn’t a story about me or my job. This is a story about how a habit turned into a mobile app. I’ll be grateful to those who will read this story until the end and share this with their friends! Perhaps they also use paper planners that look like school journals?

Every day I have a great deal of tasks and meetings and most likely, you do too. Keeping all of them in my head is nearly impossible. If forgetting a friend’s birthday isn’t too scary, missing a business meeting or a parent-teacher conference at your kid’s school is much more dangerous. Arguing with your wife is no fun.

So, as not to forget about my daily tasks and meetings, I began to use paper notebooks that resembled a school journal. It’s easy to plan things since you can see the entire week at once. Indeed, about 7 years ago a notebook was the best solution! However, these days, we use paper on pen far less, and try to save all of our notes in our mobile phones. Carrying around a smartphone and sizable notebook became inconvenient. Which is why I began looking for a SIMPLE application, as simple as piece of paper. A paper page in my smartphone, if you will.

It turned out that the Apple calendar wasn’t the most practical. Many apps that were found in the App Store offered entering text through multiple steps, difficulties with syncing devices, complex interfaces. It dawned upon me that I could create my own simple planner.
That’s how a lawyer became a manager of a mini-project. It was intriguing and fun. We gathered up a small team of developers, designers and marketers. We finalized the idea, thought of a name – Week Plan, and released the first version for our own use. Turned out that it was convenient to use and our friends liked the app as well. So we released it for public use in the App Store.

“Week Plan” works as a daily reminder of your tasks. With just one look, you can see all of the things you have planned for the week ahead. The main objective of this project was to allow the user to make notes in a journal (just as one would in a real one) using their phone, in the simplest way possible.

We got exactly what we wanted! The habit of using paper notebooks finally moved to the smartphone! We made the app available in the App Store. Without any investments into the marketing budget or any kind of promotions and ads, Week Plan was temporarily in the Top-5 “Business” category (free) in the Russian App Store. We got the feeling that if you do something really well then people will definitely appreciate it.

We have over 330 000 downloads and we get a great amount of positive feedback! Maybe Week Plan will come in handy for you as well. Try it out: the app has a free trial period.

The app is synced with iCloud, where your entire app history will be saved. There are 11 designs to choose from. Your information will be confidential, since the app opens through your fingerprint. The app also allows you to “skip” to any date in the past or future, as well as immediately jump back to the present date. Most importantly – it’s super simple and easy-to-use!
Download and try it out! I hope Week Plan will help ease your daily routine!
Friends, please share. We really do love our app and believe that it helps people! Maybe one of your friends is searching for something just like this?
Thanks! And remember: life is made up of small moments that shouldn’t be forgotten!