Yes. Click on Properties («wheel» in the upper left corner) – FontSize.
Yes. Click on the calendar’s button in the upper right corner (or rectangle “Month-Year” in the upper left corner). Select the required date/month. To get back to the current date click on “house” button in the upper right corner.
Select an entry by highlighting text. You will see options Cut-Copy-Repeat. Click on Repeat. Select the required frequency: Daily-Weekly-Monthly-Yearly.
Properties – Recurring Events – delete the unnecessary event by swiping to the left.
If your App (Week Plan or Weekly Planner) is also installed on your different Apple device, then the backup and sync shall occur automatically within seconds after you close the diary on one device and open it on another device. If it does not occur, then, please: make sure that both devices have same iCloud account; make sure that Internet connection is stable on both devices; close apps on both devices by swiping and re-open them. If none of the above helps, then: click on first device (e.g. iPhone): - Properties – Backup and Sync – iCloud – Backup; click on second device (e.g. iPad) - Properties – Backup and Sync – iCloud – Sync.
Yes, but it is not recommended as it may potentially result in uncontrolled font change.